Tasting Sessions

Nearly 10 years ago, friends in Mumbai and I decided to meet monthly to sample a mutual passion – single malts. Together we began a journey exploring the wonderful world of whisky – discovering gems, duds and many somewhere between.

Along the way, I became the ‘scribe’ of our sampling encounters and shared these observations first on my other blog Everyday Asia and then here on Whisky Lady in India. In 2015, I started the Whisky Ladies of Mumbai with the most fabulous women you can imagine! Then in 2016, a new group was added to the mix – the Bombay Malt + Cigar club. Beyond that, I would join smaller ‘mini’ sessions, the occasional master classes and special events too.

Then in October 2019, everything changed! My beloved base in Bombay shifted to Nuremberg, Germany and a new adventure commenced.

Welcome to the chronicle of collective tasting sessions… and the evolution of Whisky Lady in India to Whisky Lady in Germany!

Coming…. at some point!

November Summary

September – October Summary

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January Summary 


November Summary

September Summary

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January Summary







2012 and earlier archives

Since launching Whisky Lady, I started sharing my own sampling adventures too. Check out the Whiskies by Country / Region plus Whisky Tasting Tips:

Some tasting notes were previously published on my other blog – Everyday Asia which shares tales of everyday life of a Canadian woman based in Mumbai, India working and traveling around Asia.

2 thoughts on “Tasting Sessions

  1. I would love to join the whiskey ladies club . I do enjoy my malts though Sm not an expert ; but am willing to learn and have fun in the process.


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