Whisky Ladies of Europe – Chorlton Plus Whisky Warehouse

The 2nd session of the European chapter of our Whisky Ladies of Mumbai was a combo packwith a duo from Chorlton plus something I picked up from German independent bottler Whisky Warehouse No. 8.

  1. Tomintoul 14 year 57.6% sherry butt, undiluted, uncoloured, unchill filtered, 1 of 455 bottles (TM 14)
  2. Glencadam 8 year 61% (23 Feb 2011/6 June 2019) Bourbon Barrel Cask W8 800125 (The Whisky Warehouse No. 8. Warehouse Collection) 1 of 240 bottles
  3. Mannochmore 12 year 58.7% bourbon barrel, distilled 10 Sept 2007, cask strength, natural colour, unchill filtered, 1 of 108 bottles (MN 12)

Truly, it was such a pleasure to taste whiskies again with a small group of women. A much needed moment of malty merriment!

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