Whisky Ladies Corner

To say our Whisky Ladies of Mumbai is a remarkable group, is a bit of an understatement. From 20s to 60s, these ladies have two things in common – a passion to explore the world of whisky and a predilection to pursue unconventional paths.

Our first session was in August 2015, and since then we have met monthly, with this “Whisky Ladies Corner” a space to share our various tasting adventures.

Whisky Ladies 1st Anniversary - Padmini

Some ladies have come out from their anonymous shadows to share guest posts:

Some of Whisky Ladies of Mumbai

We have also enjoyed tastings courtesy of various benefactors:

Plus some terrific nights with whiskies we’ve sourced from around the world…

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 5th year

  • Passing the baton…
  • Irish Trio – Glendalough 13 year Mizunara Finish 46%, Teeling Brabazon Port 49.5% (Series 2) & Sherry 49.5% (Series 1)

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 4th year

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 3rd year

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 2nd year

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 1st year

I’ve also shared a few whisky women centric posts with:

As we add more highlights (perhaps even lowlights too), this page will be updated. However for a complete listing including links to whisky reviews, see:

We also are delighted to reach out to a wider world of fellow women whisky appreciators!

If you want to get in touch, just email at info [at] everydayasia [dot] com.