Whisky Ladies Corner

To say our Whisky Ladies of Mumbai is a remarkable group, is a bit of an understatement. From 20s to 60s, these ladies have two things in common – a passion to explore the world of whisky and a predilection to pursue unconventional paths.

Our first session was in August 2015, and since then we have met monthly, with this “Whisky Ladies Corner” a place to share our various tasting adventures. From October 2019, as I’ve shifted from Mumbai to Nurnberg, the ladies created a new tasting notes home at Whisky Ladies of Mumbai for their continued adventures!

Whisky Ladies 1st Anniversary - Padmini

Some ladies have come out from their anonymous shadows to share guest posts:

Some of Whisky Ladies of Mumbai

We have also enjoyed tastings courtesy of various benefactors:

Plus some terrific nights with whiskies we’ve sourced from around the world…

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 5th year

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 4th year

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 3rd year

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 2nd year

Whisky Ladies of Mumbai’s 1st year

I’ve also shared a few whisky women centric posts with:

From October 2019, this page will be updated only if I’ve been able to join a Whisky Ladies of Mumbai session. For complete listing of all my tastings, check out:

We also are delighted to reach out to a wider world of fellow women whisky appreciators! Just reach out to:

  • Whisky Ladies of Mumbai whiskyladiesofmumbai [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Or just leave a comment and I’ll be in touch