The Whisky Ladies of Mumbai!

What do you get when you combine kick-ass brilliant women and interesting whiskies? An insanely good time!

Years ago, I was interviewed as a woman whisky drinker, with the implication that the fairer sex enjoying a good dram is something new. Let me be clear – it is not!

However at all the recent whisky ‘Master classes’ in Mumbai and Delhi, lead by Master Distillers hoping to capture the hearts and palates of the Indian market, just where were the other women whisky appreciators? Why was I a rarity rather than the norm?

Wake up gents! We do exist… we are a growing tribe globally… no less so in India… and you ignore us at your peril!

So, how did this particular ‘Whisky Ladies’ event come about?

It all started with an innocent query about whisky drinking habits… Which lead to a conversation about women whisky afficiandos… Which sparked an idea to bring together a few ladies for a fine evening!
Without any effort, it was easy to gather a group of amusing women with diverse interests and one shared passion – whisky. Our host for the evening opened her gorgeous home in South Bombay for a most convivial setting – perfect for a merry night!
Whisky Ladies 1st Set (Table For One)

Whisky Ladies 1st Set (Photo: Table For One)

As for our killer line up of whisky?? Oh baby!

  • Compass Box’s Asyla – Love Compass Box blends and this delightful light number is like a joyous summer romp – fresh and flowery. A decidedly feminine start to the evening and a favourite of a few.
  • Kilchoman Coull Point – A complete contrast from a newer Islay distillery with a little wild ocean spray… top pick of one discerning whisky aficionado!
  • Nikka Yoichi 10 year – Then a jaunt to Japan for some mid–autumn cider after a wander through pine-filled British Columbia forests… Mmm….
  • Caol Ila 12 year – Ahh…. where would we be without this good old faithful Islay? Many fans in the room welcomed back an old friend!
  • Ledaig 1997/2013 46% – From the independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail, we closed our evening with a little trip to the Isle of Mull. Calmer seas, peat smoke, complexity with an enthusiastic conclusion – “It’s really, really, reeaaaallly yum!” This one caught favour with more than one female!

I can’t wait for Pollywood‘s weekly vlog which will have a few seconds from our evening. And with the success of our first gathering, there is no doubt this will become a monthly affair!

In fact, such are our ambitions there was talk of hatching plots to get Whisky Live (or something similar) back to India…

So gentlemen be warned. We are loud, proud whisky sipping women and we aren’t waiting around for an invitation. We’ll be making them!

Nikka 'Yoichi' 10 year (Table For One)

Nikka ‘Yoichi’ 10 year with goodies (Photo: Table For One)

Quote of the night from our host: “Please guys, let’s now just enjoy!!” Considering 3 bottles were emptied… we did indeed comply.

Farewell my lovely Ledaig (Table For One)

Farewell my lovely Ledaig (Photo: Table For One)

For a few amusing takes by some other Whisky Ladies… check out:

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7 thoughts on “The Whisky Ladies of Mumbai!

  1. Well, there is a book called Whisky Women- The untold story of how women saved Whisky/Whiskey and if that’s not enough proof, here’s a story on women distillers in The Guardian-
    Going beyond whisky, there are several talented women, including Master Blender of Appleton Rum, Joy Spence, in the distilled space-

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! The Whisky Women is a terrific book… though will admit haven’t finished reading it. 🙂

      Great article links too – many thanks!

      Now… we only need a special place in Mumbai (not just fabulous homes!) for whisky and other fine spirits so the lasses can come out in droves to quaff and enjoy with others!!


  2. Women appreciating the spirit have always been around, what is really good is the fact that someone forming an exclusive club for women. Nice selection of whiskies too


    • Hi Jayshree

      Terrific to hear from a fellow whisky woman in Mumbai! And while I appreciate your interest, we are a closed private group. I’ve emailed you further details and happy to chat further offline.

      Cheers, Carissa


  3. Hi Carissa… We do Single Malt Appreciation evenings for closed group of people. Would be great to connect with you and see if we can do something for your group of women. Let me know how to reach out to you.


    • Hi Sweta,

      We really enjoy the way we currently have our sessions – sourcing is key with each lady hunting for something new and different to share! However feel free to reach out at info @ and share what you have in mind. After the Vault Biennale I’m traveling, so please excuse slow responses.


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