The Whisky Warehouse No. 8 – Regions

Scottish regions – six (Campbeltown, Highland, Island, Islay, Lowland, Speyside), five (dropping the unofficial Island) or in the case of The Whisky Warehouse No. 8 four regions are represented in their tasting set:

  • Lowland – Port Dundas 10 year (26 Oct 2009 – 31 Oct 2019) Refill Sherry 47.9%
  • Highland – Deanston 10 year (Sep 2009 – Oct 2019) Bourbon Barrel 57.3%
  • Speyside – Miltonduff 11 years (8 Feb 1995 – 30 Oct 2015) Bourbon Hogshead 59.5% 363 Bottles
  • Islay – Braon Peat Batch 7 (15 April 2019) 57.5%

I picked this up early February 2021 and sent also to my tasting companions in Paris so we could virtually explore together.

The folks at Whisky Warehouse have this to say?

We have put together a wonderful tasting and gift box for you from the legendary limited single cask bottlings of the Whiskey Warehouse Collection. The breadth of taste nuances will delight both beginners and true connoisseurs. A 10-year-old Port Dundas from the Lowlands is stored in a sherry barrel, a Deanston 10 years old from the Highlands, a Miltonduff 11 years old from the Speyside and a peaty Baron Peat from the island of Islay, in English “peaty drop”.

As for what we thought? You’ll just have to be a wee bit patient!

October 2021 update – Our tasting session kept getting postponed and our London friend also wanted to join so I passed on my set to him in Paris and ordered another for myself. Alas the Broan Peat was out of stock so I replaced it with:

  • Inchfad 14 year (02/2005 – 04/2019) 55.5%

What about prior explorations from Whisky Warehouse No. 8?

And upcoming, I also picked out the remaining “last chance” whiskies from Whisky Warehouse No 8 to make another quartet:

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