Nurnberg “The Village” Fest Trio – Bruichladdich, Glencadam, St Kilian

It now seems so surreal… end of February large events were still happening in Germany – including The Village whisky festival here in Nurnberg.

I was quite conservative in my acquisitions assuming this was the start of a whisky festival season with plenty of upcoming opportunities. I also assumed that I could easily go to a specialty whisky store and gradually start collecting…

And then, our world changed.

As we enter into our 2nd wave of caution, I finally cracked open one from The Village festival to share with a couple Whisky Ladies also in Europe. I can’t wait to enjoy it with others! As for the other two… will hang on for just the right occasion!

  • St Kilian One (2016/2019) 45% – Their first offering matured in 37% ex Bourbon, 37% ex Martinique Rum, 18% ex PX Sherry, 5% Chestnut, 3% ex Bourbon Quarter Casks… double distilled in copper pot stills, natural colour, non-chill filtered, master distiller Mario Rudolf
  • Bruchladdich 14 year 59.5% (The Single Cask for The Village 2020) 1of 250 100ml
  • Glencadam 8 year 61% (23 Feb 2011/6 June 2019) Bourbon Barrel Cask W8 800125 (The Warehouse Collection) 1 of 240 bottles

PS – I finally opened St Kilian “One” late 2021 together with two tasting sessions – virtual between Europe & India, then with the Mumbai Whisky Ladies. Well worth the wait!

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