Gordon + MacPhail – Coming treats!

It has been far too long since I enjoyed whiskies bottled by Gordon & MacPhail. So as I was doing a wee online whisky “window shopping”, I found myself giving into temptation…

What did I pick? One distillery label dram with Glenburgie… and two from their Discovery range. I’d first tried their “intro” range in Singapore at Whisky Live in 2018... including this Miltonduff – enough to know I wanted to try it again!

  • Glenburgie 21 year 43% – EUR 109 (in photo) and Glenburgie (2004/2019) 43% – EUR 62
  • Miltonduff 10 year 43% (G&M Discovery) – EUR 50
  • Glenrothes 11 year 43% (G&M Discovery) – EUR 49


Glenburgie is one of the distilleries that has granted Gordon & Macphail the right to use “Distillery Label” on their bottles. It is also a distillery that I generally find delightful with its lighter, elegant character… Hence why I bought two – approx 15 years and 21 year to join a 3rd 200 ml bottle picked up in Glasgow last year.

I may search for another Gordon & MacPhail Discovery dram to split into two sessions: Gordon & MacPhail Discovery and Glenburgie. Recommendations welcome!!

For now… these whiskies will patiently wait for the right opportunity and company.

All bottles were purchased from an online distributor in Germany – Whic – at full price. Which lead to a wee ‘bonus’ dram of Speyburn 10 year 40%.

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