Classic Birthday Drams

It was a tale of two tasting groups… our marvellous Bombay Malt & Cigar gents and our fabulous Whisky Ladies. Once upon a time we would combine annually – alternating who would host the whiskies. Our last gathering was in January 2020 before the scourge of COVID ravaged our world.

However it has been impossible or rather imprudent to think of having such a gathering even as Mumbai enjoys a wee breath of respite between waves. So instead, I suggested two small separate gatherings, sharing some of the same drams.

For both, I decided to take a ‘traditional’ Scottish bent…

With our Bombay Malt & Cigar gents, we explored:

Then came the 2nd part with the Whisky Ladies of Mumbai… for it I had set aside another gift to join the Glentauchers and Balbair, leaving the Glenrothes behind for our host:

Given August was also when we started the Whisky Ladies, there was another reason to celebrate our 6th anniversary – how quickly time flies! Not with our usual format of each bringing whatever enjoyable open bottle lies at home for a merry exchange. And no group photo either as we kept in our socially distanced seating.

For those ladies who wished to join but were on the waitlist, a third evening was arranged – a month later – with samples brought back to Europe for two ladies there joined by a couple in Mumbai… because why not?

So there you have it – after a long time – evenings of celebrations with classic Scottish drams.

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