Whisky Ladies Explore a Compass Box Quintet

Most of our Whisky Ladies are no strangers to the often remarkable Compass Box blends. As a group, we’ve sampled the delightful Asyla, Great King Street – Artists Blend and the unique Hedonism. Independently, some of us have tasted many more…

For some time now, we’ve wanted to enjoy a focused session exploring Compass Box offerings… and found our chance on a monsoon evening in July 2017!

It began as a trio, yet morphed into a quintet – oh my! And no ordinary set either… no siree! We found ourselves exploring several limited edition avatars too..

Here is what we tried a Compass Box quintet of:

As always, the distinctive designs, superb craftsmanship and unique take on different whisky profiles was impressive. What a treat to try these together!

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2 thoughts on “Whisky Ladies Explore a Compass Box Quintet

  1. Really looking forward to find out what you thought of these drams. From the entire quintet, I only reviewed the Spice Tree Extravaganza on my blog. A rather reserved but very beautiful whisky. I also tried the Flaming Heart at a friend’s place a few months ago and was more than impressed! What a great dram! Hedonism was the first grain whisky I tried deliberately and I have to admit I did not enjoy it too much at first. But over time I developed quite a liking for grains and now I’m a Hedonism fan as well. Sometimes, you gotta give it more than one shot, I guess… 😉

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    • We quite enjoyed the Spice Tree Extravaganza – good start to our eve! Flaming Heart is indeed VERY impressive! And I’m with you on Hedonism growing on me too… As for more details… read on in the next few days. 🙂

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