Whisky Archives – Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 yr, Tomatin 12 yr, Knockando 12 yr

Here’s another post from our tasting archives… this time from April 2013.

For this evening, we tried ‘blind’ three selections of which one was an interesting non-whisky whisky! Featured whiskies included: Belvenie Caribbean Cask 14 year, Tomatin 12 year and Knockando 12 year.

“A delightful evening! A perfect beginning to all things summer…”

Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 year (aka Golden Cask) 47.5%

From the first whiff, you knew this was a whisky with a twist – the toffee fruity banana nose hints at something more. The taste clearly has sweet rum influences with a little spice just to jazz things up a bit. Alas the finish is light and doesn’t linger long. However even without much of a finish, I must admit, this one kept us coming back to enjoy its hints of rum.

Bavlenie Golden Cask (Photo: media.peat.se)


Tomatin 12 year 43%

Better known for supplying whisky for blends, this distillery recently replaced its 10 year with this 12 year single malt offering. It was a bit, well, ordinary. Easy to picture this being a terrific base for a fine blend. On its own? Recall being a tad disappointed.

Tomatin 12 Yr (Photo: www.prestigedrinks.com)


Knockando 12 year

Another Speyside… and again mostly used in blends. Light, a little fruity with a faint hint of smoke.

Knockando (Photo: www.scotchwhisky.net)


Though not planned as a Speyside special evening, it is no surprise that we would coincidentally end up sampling three bottles from this popular region.

This is another from the ‘archives’ when few tasting notes were taken… so happy to hear if others have opinions on these offerings!

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