Whisky Lady – June to August 2020

I could say time flies when you are having fun… but in my case, like many others around the world, its been a bit rough. Newly relocated to Germany, I was not permitted to return home to India for a visit and for nearly nine months, was kept apart from my (much!) better half!

The enthusiasm to crack open a dram all alone in Nurnberg dwindled and waned – hence this wee blog has been much neglected.

Late August, as I made plans to join my husband in Scotland, I wondered whether any whisky explorations would be possible? As feelers went out, it was quickly apparent that things remain far from normal with distillery visits – the tours of yore are no more, tastings requiring advance booking with limited spots, and overall both care and caution.

Stay tuned for my rather limited adventures in September! In the meantime, here is a wee amble through a few posts over the last couple of months…

I finally got around to sharing tasting notes from our Whisky Ladies & BMC Japanese Blends – Old and New with Suntory Excellence vs Old 40% and Nikka Super Rare Old 43%. While they weren’t the BEST whiskies we’ve ever tried, it was such a rare experience to sample from the same distillery the same or similar expressions bottled some 30-40 years apart!

Months without tasting sessions has left me rather bereft! However the expanding North Star collection was most tempting… so I took the liberty of cracking open a few whiskies!

A bit of an anomaly, I also grew to enjoy more and more Taiwan’s Nantou Distillery – Yushan Blended Malt 40% – particularly with a splash of cold water which didn’t dampen the pineapple and biscuits. Yum!

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