Celebrating 1000 Whisky Lady posts!

When I started exploring the world of whiskies, I had no idea where that journey would lead. I certainly never could have anticipated that my scribbles would result in 1,000 posts over 5 years!

Firmly anchored by life in Mumbai while traversing the globe for work and play, my observations on various whiskies were made richer by being shared experiences with much laughter, learning and naturally libations!

Starting with one, then two, then three regular whisky tasting groups, it has been a brilliant adventure. These regular gatherings where each member sources something to explore together were augmented by Masterclasses, an event or two, kind samples shared, even “mini” tastings!

However change is the only constant and my journey took a different trajectory to Germany late 2019 for work. While India remains ‘home’ and our tasting groups remain strong, I’m now a visitor when possible rather than regular participant. Where things will go from here will evolve.

For now, I’d like to raise a toast to thank all those part of this journey – whether it be sharing a dram or connecting to the whisky fabric by reading these malty missives – this milestone of 1,000 posts would not have happened without you!

And bear with me as I indulge in a little look back with some highlights of the last few years together!

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