Whisky Lady – December 2019

What an end to an amazing year of change! It feels like only yesterday that my husband and I were celebrating New Years in Dubai?! Yup.. that was a whole year ago!

If someone told me in 1986 when I first went to Germany on a summer study exchange programme that 34 years later I would be moving there, I would have thought you crackers!

However, equally if you said that move to Europe would be after spending nearly 20 years in India, I also would have marvelled at your imagination!

And yet life has a way of giving us exactly what we need. I feel so blessed at 50 to have the gift of travel, to have explored a few countries for work and play.

Equally, I so enjoy how the world of whisky forges bonds – those on a quest to discover a good dram or try something different are brilliant companions!

While life in Nurnberg is still very much in ‘set-up’ mode… I did crack open a couple of the Drinks by the Dram advent calendar… which finally DID (after three attempts) make it to my new abode! Notes to come soon…

However nothing made me happier than catching those planes home to Mumbai. While the last few days of 2019 were mostly filled with catching up with family and friends, I closed the year escaping the city to our wee country ‘cabana’.

As for tasting notes, it was a quiet month… Which made it a perfect time to reflect back on a few interesting experiences from 2019 such as:

Guess what? I finally found my scribbles for our Whisky Ladies June 2019 Highland Treat with:

Plus dug up a couple more previous Mumbai tasting experiences such as:

  • A nip of Shackleton at my big 5-0 birthday celebration
  • Beautiful dram dregs… with mostly Whisky Ladies and a few more, rising to the challenge of rescuing precious open bottles from languishing in less than optimal Mumbai storage conditions

PS – This is my 999 whisky post! Not bad for an avid amateur.

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