Dubai Dream Drams – Midleton, Strathclyde, Old Pulteney, Longmorn, Kilchoman, Laphroaig

We brought 2019 New Year in Dubai… after seeing the fireworks on the Marina, the fountains and lights show on Burj Khalifa, a special evening of whiskies was organized. And what an evening it was!

Our amazing host put together with great enthusiasm a remarkable collection of drams:

  • Midleton Very Rare (2011) No 042585 L121731255 40% – You won’t find this vintage outside of auctions, however do keep an eye out for the annual edition!
  • SMWS G10.10 “Busy buzzing bees” 38 years (23 Nov 1977) 49.6% – With only 72 bottles in existence, this Strathclyde was one of a kind!
  • Old Pulteney 17 year 46%Once part of the standard collection, it has now been archived and increasingly challenging to find… catch it where and when you can
  • Longmorn 25 year (1988/2014) Cask 14384 46% (Berry’s Bro) – Incredibly fruity, a remarkable Longmorn indeed…
  • Kilchoman Sherry (2007/2013) Cask 447/2007 59.5% – A singular peaty single cask, once available at the distillery with only 42 bottles produced
  • SMWS 29.229 “Harmonious balance” 19 year (13 May 1998) 55.2% – We nearly didn’t try this Laphroaig, but wow! So glad we did!

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