Whisky Lady – Aug 2019

Ah.. August… a time of travel and transition. For me it meant Mumbai to Munich to Winnipeg to Munich & Nuremberg to Mumbai to Goa to Mumbai. Yeah, seriously…

As for whiskies? Our Original group had their usual monthly session, but alas when I was traveling… Which is merely a sign of things to come as my “base” is changing from Bombay, India to Nuremberg, Germany in October. Yes… that is correct… after nearly 20 years in India I’m making a massive shift – for once my life is following my career and not the reverse!

While longer term India remains “home” and I will be back a few times a year… our monthly rhythm with the amazing trio of whisky tasting groups will be much missed.

So if there was a theme to August, it was dram fellowship…

The Whisky Ladies made a trip to the Paul John Distillery in Goa and rescheduled our 4th Anniversary celebration!

The Bombay Malt & Cigar gents and I had a “shabby chic” evening where we pulled out a few interesting open bottles to polish off… and plotted how when and where we will squeeze in a few more sessions together in London, Europe and Mumbai over the next few months.

And the original club brought together not only special bottles but spouses too for an evening of great food, excellent whiskies and above all celebration of 8 years of dram fellowship!

I simply can’t express how much I will miss our style of tasting – each host carefully curating their evening around a theme, sampling blind… often taking 20 mins with a single whisky to discuss, debate and even speculate what it might be. Then setting each aside to revisit, contrast and compare after trying all three – seeing how each shifts and changes – reflecting back on whiskies sampled over the years.

More to come in September with a few more bitter sweet farewells accompanied by some plotting and planning for ways to catch at least the occasional session when back in Mumbai!

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