Whisky Lady – July 2019

July is often quieter on the whisky front here in Mumbai as one of our regular clubs skips this month to kick back, relax and enjoy monsoon or traverse the globe. Which provides a great opportunity to catch up on all the posts I didn’t manage to share from June!

Two groups did meet – Bombay Malt & Cigar Club and the Whisky Ladies. What did we try?

Our Bombay Malt & Cigar club went in a completely different direction to explore the range of possibilities based on Kentucky Rye:

And the Whisky Ladies? We had a Highland Treat with:

  • AnCnoc Black Hill Reserve 46% – Honeyed treat, lovey and well balanced
  • AnCnoc Rùdhan 46% – A peatier persuasion, spice, apples, interesting…
  • Glen Garioch 15 year Sherry Cask 53.7% – Coffee candy, heavy sherry and brilliant paired with cheese

I also caught up on tasting notes from the Whisky Ladies session with Whiskies having tales to tell:

Curious to know more? Check out recent Whisky Lady’s monthly missives:

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