Berlin’s Whisky Connect

As 2019 winds to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the ways the world whisky fabric weaves us together!

In June, I went to Germany to attend a work conference… at the time airfares between Mumbai and Munich were stupidly expensive thanks to the combination of India’s Jet Airline going under and no fly zone over Pakistan lengthening flights. I managed to find a ticket via Istanbul that was marginally cheaper yet had a 20 hour stop over. So I thought why not close off a project in Turkey by going to office on the Monday to meet with the team rather than have Sunday in Istanbul.

Why mention all of this? Well I finally had a weekend in Germany to do with as I wished. And what I wished was to go to Berlin.

When I first went to Germany in 1986, the country was still divided between East and West Germany with Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie the focal point for travel between. The cold war was our reality, Gorbachev recently in power on the one hand and Reagan on the other.

Do you need a history lesson? Not really, but it sets the stage for my first trip to Berlin in 2019 where I fell in love with the pulse, grit and spirit of the city. Some places around the world have a “live wire” feel… Berlin is one of them.

And a highlight of my 1st trip to Berlin was an evening at The Union Jack Pub with a member of The Sharing Angels – Germany’s whisky women network.

At the time, a move to Germany wasn’t on the cards and I had no clue just a few months later I would be dividing my life between my home, husband, friends and felines in Mumbai with my work and new life in Nurnberg, Germany.

Instead, I embraced meeting a fellow whisky explorer where we enjoyed discussing malty matters over a dram or two… a most memorable evening.

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