Whisky Lady – November 2019

Wow! My first month in my new country of residence – Germany – zipped past in a blink of an eye!

October had just a lone post about anticipating an Advent Calendar… which due its change in delivery date and my hectic schedule never reached me! It wandered its way back to the UK then was resent (with additional fees!) to Germany mid-November and never actually turned up as expected so am now awaiting the 3rd attempt from the UK. Let’s hope three times will be a charm and I can open it in my new flat early December and maybe even try some before I hop on a plane back to India December 20th!

So while my ‘kick start’ to German tasting adventures was a fiasco, November’s quick trip back to Mumbai was much more successful and I managed to sneak in not one but two whisky tasting sessions!

The 1st was with the Bombay Malt & Cigar gents where we explored an Irish Method & Madness Quartet of:

The 2nd last session was with our original club. It was quite an exceptional evening – our host generously shared his birthday celebration with us, held the evening at Savor‘s unique tasting room and introduced us to another fabulous independent bottler – Chorlton Single Casks with:

I also found the time (and tasting notes!) from the Mumbai original club’s September session which featured:

There will likely be even more disruptions over the next few months as I settle into the new job and life in Europe. Plus I can’t wait to get home to Mumbai for a few weeks end December!!

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1 thought on “Whisky Lady – November 2019

  1. Your mail issues with the UK are likely to increase in a post Brexit scenario.
    Many big sites no longer send to Ireland.
    Now you are in Germany I’d suggest ordering from a local whisky supplier.
    You’ll probably get better service plus cheaper costs – the tax rates on spirits is less.


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