In Mumbai for a Method and Madness Quartet

What joy! I’m back in India for a week and two of my fabulous whisky tasting groups were able to arrange sessions to coincide with my dates – yeah!

The Bombay Malt & Cigar gents turned their gaze back to the green isles for more from Midleton Distillery. We are no strangers to Irish whiskies! There is even a full section on this blog dedicated to our Irish explorations.

Just a few months ago, the gents and I had a wee waltz with Irish drams featuring Dingle, Green Spot Chateau Leoville Barton Bordeaux, Redbreast Lustau Edition and yes – Method and Madness’s core Chestnut finished Single Pot Still 46%.

So we had an inkling of what to expect but also began with an open mind and palates!

For those not familiar, Method and Madness is Midleton Distillery’s experiments with various styles and finishes. Our evening focused on their core range plus one limited edition finished with Hungarian Oak.

Method and Madness

We followed the quartet with a wee glass experiment – using my recently imported Copita and Norlan glasses supplemented by our hosts Riedel to contrast with our standard Glencairn tasting glass. For now I’ve decided to keep these glasses in India and perhaps acquire in time another set in Germany.

We then turned to our cigars to round out a most enjoyable evening.

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