TBWC World Whisky Blend 41.6% – Summery treat neat or in a cocktail!

In the world of whisky, what do Scotland, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Italy, Germany (Bavaria), France, Japan, and Finland have in common? A fabulous new World Whisky Blend from That Boutique-y Whisky Co (TBWC)!

In April 2023, our Whisky Ladies of Mumbai got together to explore a collection from TBWC. I was hosting, and as it was our first evening entertaining in our new Mumbai flat, I wanted to kick things off with a “welcome” drink – something refreshing, and summery – a whisky cocktail to both enjoy and calibrate our palate for the tastings to come!

There is a reason an “Old Fashioned” remains a familiar standard in the world of whisky cocktails. In our case, we played around with the regular recipe (maple syrup instead of simple syrup, adding a dash of fresh orange juice) until we got something that suited the blend and our mood.

World Whisky Blend Batch 1, 41.6%

  • Colour: Light gold
  • Nose: Citrus at first, then a lovely nutty element, back to freshly squeezed orange, sweet, mild and friendly, inviting and gentle, vanilla, apricots, peaches, and cream
  • Palate: Super smooth and nutty
  • Finish: Easy, sweet, and long with pink peppercorns adding a nice addition to the peaches, a hint of bitterness at the end gives it a wee bit of character
This was such an enjoyable blend. A versatile dram to be had as you want. Whilst it was a bit on the milder side, it was so incredibly balanced with harmonious elements, that it could be forgiven for not having more “oomph”.
So what was the collective Whisky Ladies verdict? We loved this one! It is exactly what you want in a summery blend – most enjoyable to sip neat, equally fabulous in a sprightly cocktail. In other words – simply perfect for our Mumbai climate and mood that evening.

Here’s what the folks at TBWC have to say:

Snap up our first non-limited edition bottling, that can be enjoyed all year round!

World Whisky Blend has been designed with the world in mind. A harmonious blend of whiskies from across the breadth of planet earth, to achieve a truly global flavour.

While beautiful neat, this blend has been designed to be mixed seven different ways, to celebrate the way the WORLD really drinks whisky.

Double bonus, this blend is quite affordable – the only challenge is being in a part of the world where you can buy TBWC whiskies! In my case, I bought it online in Germany from Whic.de for Eur 29 (700ml, larger than the usual TBWC bottles). So… if you can, it is well worth keeping on hand for a nice summery everyday dram!

Here’s what other That Boutique-y Whisky Co bottles we tried together with the World Whisky Blend:

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