Undisclosed Distillery Drams – Sansibar, Port Askaig + W+M Highland Heart

While in the grand scheme of things entering our 6th year of operation may not be a long time, for our original Mumbai whisky club, it is a milestone.

We put effort into planning our sessions, often collecting whiskies well in advance.

For my 2016 session, I went with Signatory Session theme. In 2015, went fully Japanese sharing bottles purchased a year earlier in Tokyo.

So what to do for my 2017 session?

I put a cheeky twist on our most sacred of traditions – blind tasting. How, you may ask, could there be a twist to something like that? Either you can see the bottle or not.

In this case, we could see the bottles but still not know what distillery we were sampling!

I then added a further sneaky twist to the mix – sharing the exact same bottles in the exact same order with two tasting groups – just to see how a different setting, different company added a different dimension to the whisky impressions.

What did I select?

*Detailed tasting notes coming in April as there was small extra twist which postponed our BMC tasting evening.


You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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