Whisky Lady – November 2021

I had high hopes that November would finally after two years bring a visit from my better half to Germany! We’ve always tried to celebrate our “birthday week” together… alas… this year wasn’t possible.

So I planned a few whisky distractions… which started at the end of October with an online multi-country tasting of Germany whiskies… continued with even more German whisky explorations… and some unfortunate news about Ziegler distillery!

So what did we try? I picked a set from St Kilian distillery:

I’ll admit I snuck in an additional one for just me and my Parisian companion:

  • Signature Edition ‘Seven’ (2017/2021) 51.75%

A weekend get away led to an experimental bent trying two German whiskies and an old familiar:

This was followed by the unfortunate news that Ziegler distillery has decided to radically change course and effectively abandon their Aureum whisky line. I managed to get my hands on their Classic 8 year, Chestnut Cask 5 year, Cask Strength 8 year, joining my earlier purchase of their 10 year Cask Strength whisky.  I won’t be opening these bottles anytime soon and still hope the decision to change direction will be changed again!

I also did a bit of “blog” housekeeping, ditching a dozen half written posts from years ago – all the way back to 2015! Only a few were ‘brushed off’ and posted as musings of tastings gone by…

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