Whisky Lady – October 2021

Here in Germany October is famous for Oktoberfest however its been 2 years with this massive festival officially cancelled.

However that doesn’t stop us from exploring and entertaining ourselves in COVID modified ways! And what better than a weekend jaunt to Berlin to meet a fellow whisky explorer and go back to the fabulous Union Jack whisky bar which is now only open Thursdays and Saturdays.

That evening we explored three sets of “pairings” followed by a complete indulgence!

I also caught up with notes from my last Mumbai trip which included An unexpected trio:

There was also a wee further wander into the past, recalling visits to a whisky shop in Munich… back in the day one could freely travel and browse shelves of carefully selected whiskies and spirits.

Followed by another memory of a remarkable tasting at Lochranza distillery late 2020 with a version of their 25 year old – remarkable!

We closed the month with an online session with a trio of German single malts that were purchased as a “double” set – one that made its way from Nurnberg to Berlin to London to Mumbai and another that only went from Nurnberg to Paris.

So what did we try? I picked a set from St Kilian distillery:

I’ll admit I snuck in an additional one for just me and my Parisian companion:

  • Signature Edition ‘Seven’ (2017/2021) 51.75%

It really felt like a “well-rounded” month of musings and more as we continue to explore the wonderful world of whiskies.

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