A promising new Indian Single Malt – Kamet 42.8%

There is no doubt in the whisky world that markets like India are important – both as consumers and producers. So when another Indian single malt enters the stage, it is worth checking it out.

So what is Kamet and who is behind it? Kamet is the latest product from Peak Spirits, co-founded by Ansh Khanna and Ken Frederickson with expertise brought by Surrinder Kumar (master blender, 30 years with Amrut) and Nancy Fraley (whiskey and rum blender based in California).

However such credentials aside, what did we think?

Kamet Single Malt 42.8%

  • Nose – Made us think of a cabernet, fruity, fresh red berries, dusty, light aniseed or caraway… as it opened up further we found milk chocolate and toffee… and with even more time it became sweeter and sweeter, like cotton candy
  • Palate – Started with a nice spice kick, tannins, could clearly sense the wine influence, licorice, nicely balanced… as we continued to sip, we also found creamy toffee, overall good mouthfeel with oils
  • Finish – Light spice, a bit dry and dusty
  • Water – Shifted to coconut oil and tobacco leaf

Initially on the palate, I found it quite “wine forward”… with water there was an interesting shift in character to more of an ex-bourbon influence, muting a bit the tannins from the red wine. For me, that worked better.

Overall a promising start indeed and I kept aside a small sample to bring back for the ladies in Europe to try at some point…

What more do we know? It was matured in ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and ex-French wine casks.

Here’s a small excerpt from an interview:

“Ken and I believe that India’s unique conditions and six-row barley — we source ours from the foothills of the Himalayas — make it an exciting place to produce a single malt of great complexity,” says Khanna. Khanna and Frederickson have teamed up with Piccadily Distillery, in Karnal, Haryana, and set themselves a tough benchmark — The Macallan.

In Goa, it can be found for Rs 2,600 – an absolute steal for such quality! However we understand the price is poised to go up soon.

What else did we try that evening?

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