Nordic Explorer #2 – Sweden’s Smögen Sherry Project 1:4 57.2%

Our first session exploring our Nordic whiskies sample set began with a rather terrific 4 year old whisky from Sweden’s Smögen distillery.

The Smögen Sherry Project was intended to explore the increasing influence of a sherry cask on a young whisky.

  • 1:1 had a 4 months sherry finish
  • 1:2 had 8 months sherry finish
  • 1:3 had 14 months sherry finish
  • 1:4 was fully matured in 1st fill sherry quarter casks (cask #25-27, and 29)

Our benefactor shared with us the last instalment in the Smögen Sherry Project… here is what we found…

Photo: Master of Malt

Photo: Master of Malt

Smögen Sherry Project 1:4 57.2%

  • Nose – Clear sherry stamp, spice, in some ways quite direct, in others not… as though there were two distinct layers – a lower one with sherry and an upper note that was fresh, light with hints of pine. After it aired further, became significantly sweeter like an icing sugar drizzle over cake, marzipan, vanilla
  • Palate – For such a layered nuanced nose, the palate initially seemed a bit flat, a bit malty, wood, strong, pepper, nuts… settling into a sherry
  • Finish – Sweet spice

Overall a range of elements – sooooo sweet on the nose, bitter on the palate and a dancing spice finish. In some ways this whisky is a bit ‘hard’ yet not in the least harsh.

Here is what the distillery has to share:

Sherry Project 1: 4 – Fourth and final release in the series “Sherry Project 1”. Bottled day after “1: 3” in August 2015, four years old and 55.7% strong. Matured in sherry casks quarterback (barrel No. 25-27, 29/2011), European oak. Released by Systembolaget in November 2015 with 909 bottles.

This has a very clearly marked character of Sherry and barrels; very powerful whiskey with great depth and tones mainly of crushed peat-smoked malt, nutmeg, black pepper, orange zest and almonds.  

Sweden - Smogen + Box

*** Whiskies courtesy of 

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More Nordic whisky experiences coming soon!

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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