West Cork Distiller’s Black Cask Irish Whiskey 40%

We were about to head out to an evening of surprises – a four-course meal in pitch blackness, learning how to navigate and rely on other senses. Before walking over to the restaurant, we decided we should crack open a small ‘mini’ whisky as a pre-appetizer. We had quite an array to choose from, however, we selected an Irish blend that neither of us had tried.

So who are these folks at West Cork? Started by three friends in 2003, they produce whiskey, gin, and vodka. Obviously… I had a wee mini whiskey! What did we think?

Black Cask Irish Whiskey 40%

  • Nose – Light, fruity and amiable, green orchard fruits like pear and granny smith apples, a touch of honey, spirited, camomile tea, a hint of vanilla
  • Palate – Light spice, malty and mineral, a bit bitter
  • Finish – Limited

There was no doubt this was a fairly young, raw whisky, yet equally pleasant and a good way to begin our evening! So perfect for our purpose.

What do the folks at West Cork have to say about their Black Cask expression?

A fine blend of grain (66%) and malt (34%) whiskey aged in first fill bourbon casks for three years, and polish matured for a further year in heavily charred bourbon casks. The result is a beautifully balanced whiskey with a vanilla and lingering sweetness.

If you are curious about more Irish whiskies, I have a whole section dedicated to Ireland, including 10 evenings focused just on exploring drams from the Emerald Isles!

From time to time, you can also find other whisky-related updates and activities on:

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