Whisky Lady – January to March 2023

So what have I been up to the last few months? A mix of new tasting experiences and slowly making my way through notes from 2022 – which was particularly “busy” with two weekends of Whisky Festivals.

My first tasting session of 2023 was with the Bombay Malt & Cigar lads – what fun! It was my turn to “host” the whiskies so I carefully chose a theme – Swansong. Each whisky came from an independent bottler and each had a story, celebrating whiskies that once were and will not be (quite the same) ever again. 

It was quite the way to kick off a new year!

Paris Whisky Live tastings continued with:

As a pre-cursor to Sweden’s Agitator’s Whisky Ladies of Mumbai session, I shared notes from their early experiments with:

It was interesting to see how Agitator evolved into the rather interesting trio we tried late December with their two core expressions: Single Malt 43% and Rök 43% plus a limited edition small batch expression Argument: Småfat 46%.

Back in Nurnberg, I cracked open a Glenlivet travel retail trio of Reserve, Solera Vatted, and Small Batch. Because, why not?

Curious to know more? Check out a few more summaries:

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Additionally, there are the two ‘off-shoots’ with:

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