The Belgian Owl – Identité 46%

The Belgian Owl has a “signature” whisky – their primary and most accessible expression of their identity – aptly named “Identité”. After sipping the surprisingly smooth and fruity “Origine”, we cracked open their 36-month-old expression….
The Belgian Owl Identité 36 months, first fill bourbon 46%
  • Colour – Light gold
  • Aroma – Sweet vanilla, quite ‘active’ and cheerful, balsam fir, grains, becoming fruitier as it opened up, powdered sugar with vanilla – think of marshmallows, a quick chase of citrus then plums, toffee, even a bit of coconut oil before shifting back to vanilla, lightly floral. a bit of talcum powder then back again to vanilla
  • Palate – Smooth with substance, a trace of butter, more of the toffee, coconut, pear, nicely fruity, wonderfully balanced, easy-drinking – quite “happy go lucky” in style
  • Finish – Light spice
  • Water – No need
Overall we really enjoyed the evolution of the nose. Whilst it settled on quite a pronounced vanilla, the journey to that point was a happy one. It was nicely rounded on the palate… the kind of whisky you enjoy sipping… suddenly realizing your glass is empty without quite knowing how! During a second tasting, we had a remarkably similar experience however the whisky had become even more perfumed, with spring flowers and a more herbal quality joining the fruitiness and vanilla. Overall this is just an easy enjoyable dram… one we were happy to explore. What more do we know? From former Caperdonich pot stills of 1898, the whisky is matured in American white oak – Quercus alba – for just three years. What do the folks at The Belgian Owl have to say? This indispensable drink is the result of the way we use our know-how to introduce the distillate to the oak wood.
  • Nose – Without any doubt, the key words here are freshness, nesses and precision. The delicate tones of roasted oak and toffee melt into the fruity signature of Belgian Owl: conference pear, muscat, crystallized angelica and apple jam. When the whisky further opens up in your glass, you’ll discover the aroma of vanilla pudding and amber banana.
  • Mouth – Surprising thanks to the perfect balance of different aromas that the nose already brought to light and that develop further in the mouth: Spanish honey, vanilla and coconut ice cream, candied ginger, apples fried in butter and plum tart.
  • Finish – A long finish that returns from the savours in the mouth to the pleasant taste of the malt distillate, leaving a fruity and woody echo of the Hesbaye region as its legacy.
What else did we receive as part of our The Belgian Owl quintet? This set was kindly provided by the good folks at The Belgian Owl, however the views here are our own. If you don’t want to miss a post, why not follow Whisky Lady on: Additionally, there are the two ‘off-shoots’ with:

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