Shelter Point – Vancouver to Nurnberg

Life sometimes brings you an interesting twist. Such as a Nurnberg based friend managing even in these strange COVID times to travel to Vancouver to see her family… offering to bring back something and my shamelessly asking for whisky! Which wasn’t so easy as it isn’t like a small craft distillery on Vancouver Island has whiskies widely available… However she is a determined lass and made the “quest” an adventure, integrated with other activities, and came home triumphant!

Have I opened it yet? Nope! I know what to expect – having enjoyed previous batches of this Vancouver Island single malt – starting with their 1st Batch in 2016), then again in 2017 and 2018. So I plan to keep this precious Canadian import tightly shut awaiting the right occasion and company!

What else do I have “waiting in the wings” from Shelter Point?

In Winnipeg there is a Shelter Point trio patiently waiting since November 2020 for a return to Canada.

  • Double Barrelled Single Malt 6 year (2021) 6th Edition 46% (Coastal Black’s Blackberry Wine) (CA)
  • Montfort District Lot 151 Single Grain Whisky (2020) 46% (CA)
  • 7 year Single Cask #5 (2020) 43% (CA)

And by spring 2021, it was clear I wouldn’t be back anytime soon… So I decided to add to my wee Canadian whisky collection two more expressions that are at the distillery for shipping or collection in the coming months:

  • Shelter Point “The Forbidden” 6.5 years 47% – As I’d missed the 1st batch!
  • Shelter Point “Smoke and Oak” 5.5 years 46% – As I had yet to try any of their peated whiskies

Followed by something I’m hugely looking forward to – their oldest single malt yet as Shelter Point celebrates a decade of producing sunshine in a bottle!

  • Shelter Point Artisanal Cask Strength 10 Year (2021) 57.8% (CA)

Who knows when my next trip to see family and friends in Canada will make sense. But in the meantime, I have some “sheer joy” in the Shelter Point Single Malt to look forward to here in Nurnberg!

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