Kilchoman Sanaig 46%

We were on a Kilchoman roll! After Machir Bay‘s predominantly ex-bourbon cask influence, we moved on to the new Sanaig whisky which significantly increases the sherry influence.

As usual, we sampled blind. Usually, we sampled all three blind before revealing the whiskies and re-sampling as a sit down three course meal with whisky pairing. Here is what we found with the Sanaig…

  • Colour: Light copper
  • Nose: What a contrast from Machir Bay! Started off sour, acetone, rubber, like a hospital hallway en route to the ICU, then out came an interplay between sweet and peat, lots of soft over-ripe fruits, plums and prunes, hint of coffee, like a port wine reduction, as it continued to open up more jackfruit, hint of vanilla…
  • Taste: Extremely well balanced, peat and sweet in perfect harmony, exceedingly well crafted
  • Finish: Quite subtle
  • Water: Awesome! Absolutely must try! Until we added water, we didn’t realise that spice was the missing element in the equation. Like adding the last member of trio for perfect balance.

Speculation: Sense of being in the 43% range, wondered with the attention to balance and detail if it was from Japan. One member found the quality akin to a Kavalan he is currently enjoying – similar in approach though obviously with peat. Very difficult to guess and considered by several their clear favourite of the evening.

Reveal: Vatting of 5-6 year single malts with an estimated 20% ex-bourbon & 80% Oloroso Sherry butts – exact opposite of Machir Bay. One of Kilchoman’s latest releases, they have truly achieved a beautiful whisky.

Must say this is a superlative whisky and noted its price in the UK is quite reasonable. If you haven’t yet had a chance to sample this whisky and enjoy a good interplay between peat, sherry with terrific balance? This just might be the dram for you!

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4 thoughts on “Kilchoman Sanaig 46%

  1. Lovely reviews and thoughts about Kilchoman! I’m a big fan and recently joined their ‘club’ via their website. I’d noticed that they do special ‘club member only’ releases but it’s not like there’s a lack of choice out there for everyone. I’ve never tasted a bad Kilchoman, or even an average one because they’ve always been excellent. Damn! I wish I didn’t have work later or I’d crack open a dram right now!

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