Whisky Live Singapore – Benromach

During Whisky Live Singapore, you could frequently find me loitering around the Benromach and Gordon & MacPhail booth. There is a passion behind the pursuit for quality that is infectious and admirable.


For a distillery whose whiskies I’ve enjoyed whenever an opportunity arises, I have had relatively few experiences conducive to preparing tasting notes. Whisky Live Singapore was no exception.

2016-11-12-benromach-15By the time I reached the Benromach booth on day 1, I was in sampling ‘over load’ and wasn’t about to waste good whisky on an unappreciative audience. When I did manage to take a break, return to sniff, swish and spit of their collection, my scribbles were lost somewhere along the way.

What I do recall though is that the Benromach 15 year 43% stood out as being exceedingly elegant, refined and beautifully well rounded. At the time, I remember swearing to myself that one day I would acquire a bottle to revisit it properly – just on its own – then share it with our Whisky Ladies in Mumbai.

On day 2, out came the Hermitage wood finish which did manage to make it into my new whisky note pad (post coming soon!).

Interestingly, I returned to Mumbai post Whisky Live to a session in which one of our Whisky Ladies chose Benromach 10 year 100° Proof 57% above all other options from her recent trip to Scotland.

Clearly I am not alone in appreciating what Benromach has to offer!

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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