Whisky Live Singapore – Benromach Hermitage 45%

The danger of Whisky Live Singapore is you tease yourself with tempting drams… yet to survive, you have to resist savouring each and every one…

My first swish past the Benromach booth on day 1 was past the prime sampling stage yet left a continued very positive impression and above all – a commitment to return to the delightful Benromach 15 year in another setting.

I returned on day 2 when one of Benromach’s wood finish series joined the mix, more specifically – the Benromach Hermitage (2005/2014) 45%.

It gave the impression of:2016-11-13-benromach-hermitage

  • Nose – Light, bright, fresh crisp fruits, basil
  • Palate – Spice, wood, soft fruits
  • Finish – Bitter, dry with lots of wine tannins

The Hermitage Wood Finish is matured in first fill bourbon casks and is finished for 31 months in casks from the Hermitage Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, in the northern Rhône region of France.

Here’s what the Benromach folks have to say

Without water:

  • Aroma – Swirl your dram around and enjoy those scents of summer… sweet summer fruits, refreshing red apples, and zesty lemon and lime. A touch of vanilla emerges and cinnamon notes develop, underlined by a touch of peat smoke and a peppermint edge.
  • Taste – Sweet and bursting with intense fruit… succulent dark cherry and orange, sharper kiwi and gooseberry… and these combine wonderfully with creamy milk chocolate and a gentle smoky edge.

With water:

  • Aroma – Nose your dram and you may detect lime and grapefruit at first, with hints of delicious toasted malt and sweet vanilla with eucalyptus notes in the background.
  • Taste – At first it’s gently spicy, quickly followed by sweet raspberry and tangerine flavours, and hints of almonds complementing the underlying peat smoke edge. The finish is gloriously long and fruity with a hint of smoke

It would be interesting to try all three wood finishes side by side – Hermitage, Château Cissac and Sassicaia. I’ve contemplated working towards curating a special ‘wood finishes’ tasting session which go beyond the standard oloroso & PX sherry and port finishes to explore other wines and spirits affect on whisky.

While just a teaser, Benromach Hermitage was a welcome first ‘research’ step…

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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