Krishna Collection – Chieftain’s ‘Speyside’ 22 year (1990/2012) 46%

The Chieftain’s Collection is the brainchild of the Ian McLeod company and branded as special bottlings ‘targeted at the connoisseur.’

This particular sample did not disclose the distillery and was part of the Malt Maniac 2015 awards – garnering a silver medal.

What did I find?

Chieftain’s Collection ‘Speyside’ 22yo (8.1990/11.2012) 46%

First Fill Sherry Butt, Cask No 5162, 693 Bottles

  • Nose – Sherry, prunes, honey sweet, soaked fruits which were then stewed, mellow, plum brandy
  • Palate – Sweet, smooth, raw bananas, quite dry on the tongue
  • Finish – Long finish of stewed fruits then again dry

While it isn’t complex, yet there is a nice sweet-spice slightly astringent bitter dry quality that is quite enjoyable.


Other whiskies sampled that evening with Krishna Nakula included:

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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