Nordic Explorer #6 – Sweden’s Mackmyra 8 year Dram Good Whisky

Our Nordic exploration continued with another whisky from Mackmyra distillery.

After the first drop (De Första Dropparna), we moved on to an 8 year old Mackmyra.

Now it wasn’t directly released by Mackmyra… nothing so simple as that! Instead Dram Good Whisky is a collection of friends who banded together to buy barrels of whisky. You won’t find this cheeky label on a retail shelf anywhere.

Which made our having an opportunity to try a sample all the most appealing. Our inner whisky geek was getting rather tickled at the opportunity to try something a wee bit obscure!

Mackmyra 8 year Dram Good Whisky No 3, 54.4%

  • Nose – Much more subtle than the 1st drop, fruits, juniper, apricot, stewed fruits, minerals, vanilla
  • Palate – A touch harsh, mineral, more juniper, wood, resin, pine, lively
  • Finish – Bitter wood, herbal

Overall it was quite pleasant. While still in the territory of being a bit ‘raw,’ it managed to achieve the state of becoming a drinkable dram that made us wish we had just a few drops more.

Once again, what a treat to try something we would otherwise have never been able to acquire!

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