Whisky Collections – The long haul, long gone…

In these strange COVID times, lockdown in India (as many other parts of the world) has played havoc with tasting groups. When one can barely leave ones home… how then can different and interesting whiskies be sourced? And shared in a convivial gathering?

In my case, this was compounded by the dawning realisation that my visa challenges returning home to Mumbai had no simple solution.

By mid-summer, I decided why not convert despair on my side into delight for others?

Whiskies tasted and given away… most with mere dregs remaining…

And here are a few I never had a chance to open and sample:

  • Teeling small batch
  • Tamnavulin Batch 0308 American Oak, Sherry Finish 40%
  • Finch Classic 40%
  • Aureum Single Malt 43% – Now after going to Ziegler distillery, very curious how it was received! 🙂

And finally one somehow kept back from the hungry hoards enjoyed together on a fine evening – completely without any tasting notes!

  • Old Pulteney 11 year 2006 Vintage 46%

What fun to ramble down malty memory lanes thinking of whiskies discovered, drunk and enjoyed or dismissed!

Anyone else do a thorough “whisky cabinet” clean during these COVID times?

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