Nordic Explorers – What a journey!

Over the past few months, a fellow whisky lady and I have slowly been working our way through a delightful dozen 20 ml bottles representing five Nordic countries and seven distilleries.

There were some highlights and lowlights and it was a fascinating tasting travel. For those who missed the individual posts, I thought I would share a short synopsis of our Nordic journey…

Sweden - Smogen + Box






Nordic Whisky Set

*** Thank you again 

Now… to fill these bottles back up and return the favour. What shall we chose for Thomas to try??

PS These are not the only Nordic whiskies we’ve sampled… Check out the Europe page.

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

2 thoughts on “Nordic Explorers – What a journey!

  1. It truly was my pleasure to send you these samples. We need to spread the word about all the wonderful, young, up-and-coming world whisky! And Nordic whiskies are especially dear to me. rest assured that I have a new batch of Nordic whiskies ready for you to sample 😉


    • We never would have had a chance to try such unique whiskies without your samples!! So THANK YOU!!! We would be delighted to explore more and also have a set of other whiskies to send your way… likely this summer. 🙂


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