Dunkerton Drams – Nikka, Fettercairn, Lakes, Starward

One of the highlights this fall was a weekend in Dunkerton, Somerset, which also included a most enjoyable meander through some minis from the 2019 Master of Malt Advent Calendar.

We wanted to mix things up our second evening, so our selection reflected a wee jaunt around the world from Japan to England to Australia to Scotland.

It was so beautiful outside that we decided to sip and savour outdoors, looking out at the Dunkerton Parish Church. What an enchanting view, great company and interesting drams to discover!

What did we try?

What a terrific weekend get away with huge thanks to our fabulous hosts for welcoming us into their lovely home. And even more – such terrific tasting adventures – call it icing on a delicious cake!

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