More Miniatures – Speyside, Edradour, Glendronach 18 + 21

My fellow Mumbai whisky aficionado and I kept up our dedication to explore the world of whiskies through miniatures…

So enthusiastically did we embrace our task that we even invited another friend to join the sipping sampling fun!

And what did we explore this time?


Our session featured a Speyside appetizer and a revisit of three familiar Highland sherry friends:

Tasting notes will be coming soon, however if you missed any earlier miniatures explorations, check out our experiences here:

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GlenDronach 18 year Allardice 46%

Sometimes you just want a little indulgence! And why not?

A few months ago we sampled the GlenDronach 21 year Parliament… it was sherry berry desert in a bottle without being cloyingly sweet.

So naturally when given a chance to sample the GlenDronach 18 year Allardice, who could resist?

GlenDronach 18 year (Whisky Lady)

GlenDronach Allardice 18 year (Whisky Lady)

GlenDronach 18 year Allardice 46%

  • Colour – Bright copper
  • Nose – Fudge, berries, bread pudding with sherry soaked raisins… oh my!
  • Taste – Stewed fruits, then dries out into a woody allspice and nutmeg, after a bit more found a curl of chocolate smoke… above all, it is clearly unmistakably sherry!!
  • Finish – Complex and long… delicious yet a bit dry

Much like the GlenDronach Parliament, it is bursting with sherry character. However did it fully meet the ‘indulgent’ desire? Hmm…

Either I’ve become a rather picky lady over the years or… this was an example where there were absolutely delightful elements, completely on the right track in so many ways yet didn’t quite whisk me away to that divine whisky heaven! Nearly but not quite!

Don’t get me wrong – this is an excellent whisky and, in fairness, it was sampled as a ‘after thought’ so did not have exclusive attention. Which is exactly why I prefer to try a whisky more than once in different settings to confirm impressions.

I would certainly try it again – ideally next to the 21 year Parliament. My memory of the Parliament is that if you want something a bit indulgent? That’s your whisky from the GlenDronach stable!

GlenDronach up close (Whisky Lady)

GlenDronach Allardice up close (Whisky Lady)

A bit more info:

  • “Allardice” is apparently named after James Allardes (referred to as Allardice) who led the investors that founded GlenDronach distillery in 1826
  • It was the second distillery to apply for a license to produce whisky in Scotland under the Excise Act of 1823
  • One of their ‘hallmarks’ is to mature their whiskies only in sherry casks. (yeah I mentioned that before with the 21 but it bears repeating!)

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