Once upon a time there was a lass who grew up in the Canadian prairies.

She grew curious about the world and started to go on adventures… eventually calling Bombay, India home… while continuing to work around Asia.

Along the way, a kind soul (or two) introduced her to a single malt (or two or three..). Over the years, she met even more whisky aficionados and together they formed a private monthly whisky tasting club.

No rarified experts pontificating, these folks simply pick up an interesting bottle here and there, sharing a wee dram or two, sipping, savouring and sometimes even describing the samples in terms that resonate to an Indian and international palate.

So welcome and hope you enjoy a few tales and tasting notes for your delight and delectation!

Time to add a wee dram to sample...

Time to add a wee dram to sample…