Moonshine in Mumbai? Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine 50%

According to our Swedish whisky lady, moonshine is all the rage back in Sweden. So naturally she decided a bit of moonshine needed to make its way to Mumbai for the Whisky Ladies to try!

It was our ‘palate cleanser’ between the trio of single malts sampled before we cracked open the bourbons.


Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Original 50% (circa 2016)

  • Nose – Big ass open bottle of pure alcohol, curds and whey, candy corn
  • Palate – Cucumber, coconut, butter, weirdly smooth for something so flatly in your face
  • Finish – Huh? Nah…

There was zero doubt we were drinking hooch! The odd thing is it didn’t seem to be 50% and the danger was that it became more sipable… however equally wasn’t to most Whisky Ladies palates.

For some, it reminded of teenage years and our Swedish lady shared how she thinks the reason it appeals so much to a Nordic palate is it harkens back to home-made spirits.

We couldn’t help but compare it with the remarkably tasty Sheringham William’s White Double Distilled Grain (2015) 45%… and admitted our preferences were clearly steered towards the Sheringham. This sparked a discussion about local spirits and plotting began for a country liquor evening as a possible future session.

And the food accompaniment of choice? S’mors around a campfire… that crumbly graham cracker, hot slightly crisped toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate chunk… a great big gooey sinful mess.

Here is what the folks over at Ol Smoky have to say:

Legal. Just barely. Harkening back to its homegrown roots, Ole Smoky® Original Moonshine is made with the same renegade attitude of its forefathers.

Our hundred-year-old recipe produces a white whisky as smooth and bright as the promise of a Saturday night when anything can happen and likely will.

Every shot, swig or slug of Ole Smoky Original Moonshine is highly drinkable and hardly pretentious. Don’t just start your night, fire it up.

Here’s what others have to say:

Other whiskies sampled in our American evening included:

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

Chinese local liquor

I’ve been lucky to enjoy several work trips to China, however I would be the 1st to admit that exploring the local liquor has not been a priority. By contrast, in Taiwan, my top priority was to track down Kavalan whiskies!

That said, from time to time odd items make their way into my whisky cupboard. This unique offering came courtesy of a fellow whisky lady formerly of China then India and now the US of A. Before leaving, she gifted me a mystery box of what I thought was baijiu. I expected it would be a bit like Korean soju.

When in our recent Whisky LadiesFar East‘ evening came about, decided what a perfect night to take the plunge and check it out!

It was most amusing opening the puzzle box, then figuring out how to ‘unlock’ the clasp on the bottle.

And the ‘prize’ that lay within?

In short… completely, utterly undrinkable. I wonder… does booze like this go ‘off’? Or are our palates simply uneducated in the ways of Chinese country hooch?

Mystery hooch

Mystery hooch

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