Whisky Lady in India – Celebrating 500 posts!!

For an avid amateur, I’m exceedingly pleased to share another Whisky Lady in India milestone!!

When I reached 100 posts with 100 whiskies, I couldn’t believe it was possible. Then 200 posts, 300 posts… and today 500 posts! Clearly whisky tasting and sharing of these experiences is no accident…

Who would have thought it?

When a group of friends first came together in 2011 in Mumbai, would we manage to keep meeting every month – even now!?

When jotting down a few notes, then sharing on Everyday Asia… became by late 2014 its own full-fledged blog “Whisky Lady in India“…

When the Whisky Ladies of Mumbai was founded mid-2015.. with our often merry slant, wry humour and pointed insight… no missish maids but women who can hold their own in any forum! Including any big boys of whisky.

When the Bombay Malt & Cigar gents joined the fray in 2016… enabling exclusive and dare I say access to wish list type whiskies. The Balblair 38 year ($1,600) or Laphroaig 21 year T5 ($2,250) come to mind…

When I attended my 1st Whisky Live in Singapore… from the Collectors Room to Master Classes and so much more…

When I went on my 1st distillery tour at the Crown Royal plant in my home province of Manitoba, Canada.

And by 2017, with three Mumbai based Whisky Clubs going strong, travels continuing to augment the adventures … I made it to a whisky distillery in my adopted home India – Paul John. Wondered at The Whisky Exchange’s Sukhinder Singh’s remarkable collection… So many more amazing opportunities, tasting events, completely unexpected club contributions and more!

So here we are…. 500 posts. Over 3,000 followers. And it feels like the fun is just beginning!!

Thank you for joining the journey!! Slainte mhath!!

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Waffling at Whisky Live

Most envious of the whisky waffling these lads enjoyed at Whisky Live Australia!

Waffling at Whisky Live.

via Waffling at Whisky Live.

Sullivans Cove French Oak Cask 47.5%

Australia is one of those countries that I kept expecting to get to… even had a plan once or twice and then something intervened.

Knowing there wouldn’t be a trip anytime soon, when I first heard of Sullivans Cove, I did the next best thing – shamelessly ask for a bottle from Australia!

In a rather round-about plan, I was hoping it could be brought by a project cohort who lives in Australia to Indonesia and then while there for a project, I would bring it back to India.

Alas, thanks to the instant popularity of Sullivans Cove post Jim Murray‘s rave review, dreams of acquiring this dram were dashed when I discovered it was SOLD OUT at regular retail in Australia.

Good thing another member had a full year earlier acquired it in Dubai! As a result, we were lucky enough to sample this whisky – go guys!

Sullivan's Cove (Whisky Lady)

A well-travelled Sullivans Cove (Whisky Lady)

Sullivans Cove 47.5% (bottle 120 of 455)

1st impression from April 2014:

  • Nose – Instant aaah!  A bouquet of scents with a little peat, spice, citrus, pear and fig, chocolate, even coffee bean and toffee
  • Taste – Spicy sweet, licorice, peppery chillies, just oodles of character even if not as complex as the nose hinted
  • Finish – All chilli spice yuminess
  • With water – Smoother but character slightly quashed

Speculation: Clear it has a slightly higher alcohol content, guessed around 47 – 48%. While must be a young whisky, had plenty of character.

Pairing: Should be fabulous with chilli chocolate. Also aged cheddar and crackers.

Sullivans Cove close-up (Whisky Lady)

Sullivans Cove close-up (Whisky Lady)

2nd impression from March 2015

I recently revisited Sullivans Cove from the small ‘take home’  sample shared at our original tasting. Here is what I found the 2nd time around:

  • Nose – Dark chocolate with a zest of orange, then honeyed vanilla, cinnamon
  • Taste – Delightful chilli pepper, bright yet smooth, chocolate raisins, hint of liquorice
  • Finish – Dry, not a lingerer but an enjoyable nip of chilli while it lasts
  • Water – Not interested in even trying!

I jotted down these impressions without looking at our original experience… It was largely consistent with the 1st tasting and, once again, thought it an enjoyable dram.

From our original tasting, we had the following conclusion:

A remarkable find picked up by chance a year ago from Dubai duty-free. Now thanks to its award-winning status, near impossible to obtain.

This Tasmanian treasure has no age declared yet clearly takes full advantage of the warmer climes speeding up the aging process in new French Oak barrels. A treat for the merry samplers!

While I doubt will have a chance to sip Sullivans Cove again any time soon, it whetted my appetite to try other Tasmanian whiskies.

The gents over at Whisky Waffle have a good Tasmanian Whisky list… so now… let’s see if I can cook up a convoluted plan to acquire one of the more promising sounding ones!!

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