200 whisky posts…. with thanks!

Six months ago, I celebrated a remarkable milestone – 100 whisk(e)y posts with 100 whiskies!

I enthusiastically listed all 100 whiskies reviewed and couldn’t stop doing a jig of celebration!

Fast forward and today marks 200 whisky posts… a double accomplishment!

However nothing is achieved without help! So I thought it high time to recognise all the fabulous folks that made it possible….

Most importantly, our Mumbai based whisky groups! Our shared journey and tasting sessions gave birth to this blog:

Plus very special tastings thanks to:

Most importantly, many anonymous friends and fellow bloggers who bravely court liver failure in the quest to find that special dram! Be it sending a sample or sharing an evening… an amusing quip or shared opinion, you know who you are!!

I raise a dram to you all in salut!


You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

10 thoughts on “200 whisky posts…. with thanks!

      • Wow! I’m still mighty impressed with 550!! I have a ways to go til I slow down… what helps is being part of 3 tasting groups so all the sourcing isn’t on my shoulders. I’m also hoping to persuade my aunt n uncle to again share samples from their collection (they run a whisky tasting group in Fort Frances, Canada). Just imagine customs inspecting my box with jelly jars of jams and whisky! Hmm…. 🙂 Haven’t tried getting miniatures through auction… rather wary of importing anything via post into India with precious whisky lying cooking in the heat waiting months to clear customs!

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      • Tasting groups are definitely very useful! There is one local to me but unfortunately I work in the evenings when they meet. But if you can get your aunt and uncle to do that it would be great! And amusing for customs! 🙂 You do need to consider that heat though. I know whisky is robust stuff but I’ve wondered about that before, and if it’s a bad idea to order whisky at certain times of the year when temperatures can be quite extreme.

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