How not to sample a Macallan 15 year 43%…

Next up from the Winnipeg stash is a mighty Macallan. Many a malt drinker once upon a time would swear by the quality of their Macallan. And yet, with our three whisky tasting groups in Mumbai, Macallan has yet to feature as a whisky in our tasting sessions.

Hence when I had an opportunity to snag a dram as part of the 2016 Winnipeg whisky sampling stash, simply could not resist!

Macallan 15

What did I find?

Macallan 15 year ‘Fine Oak’ 43%

  • Nose – Rose, candy floss, mint… and then erhm…
  • Palate – Raisins, citrus… and then umm….
  • Finish – Dry fruits and sweet spices… and then huh?

Alas, I waited too long to re-sample this beauty. The first time I took a sip shortly after bringing it from Canada, I simply enjoyed, narry a tasting note in sight! Yet remember it as being a mighty fine dram.

When sampled again today there was a bitter quality I don’t remember and some rather queer off notes. Hence stopped… as what I was experiencing was clearly not representative of the whisky.

So why post? To share a reminder that when taking wee samples, be quick about enjoying if not properly sealed – as was the case here. Sigh… A tragic waste of a fine whisky.

Fortunately, not all whiskies part of the 2016 Canadian stash were spoilt…

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Winnipeg stash – Pure Malt 21, Bowmore 12, Macallan 15, Tomatin 12

It is finally time to sit down before the year comes to a close and share tasting notes from whiskies acquired from the 2016 Winnipeg stash. These four come from a friend’s whisky collection – in his own words “I don’t collect stamps.

Pure Malt 21, Bowmore 12, Macallan 15, Tomatin 12

Naturally I selected an eclectic range of whiskies not yet sampled…

I then added to this mix, a score from Winnipeg’s Cabinet:

Curious about the 2015 Canadian sampling ‘score’? Read more here

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“I don’t collect stamps” – Raiding a whisky collection

A friend in Winnipeg quite aptly quipped “I don’t collect stamps!”

Nope… that he does not indeed.

Instead, he has a rather eclectic whisky collection gathered from jaunts around the world with his partner… from the dead of a Winnipeg winter to adventurous travels all around Asia… invariably a bottle or two winds its way back to the prairies to join the collection.

Winnipeg Whisky Collection

Winnipeg Whisky Collection

Naturally I shamelessly raided the whisky cabinet and also a couple from other sources too.

Here’s what I managed to ‘score’ from my recent trip to Winnipeg:

Winnipeg Whisky Stash

Winnipeg Whisky Stash

Some may recall last year’s Canadian samples score from my aunt and uncle who run a whisky club in Fort Frances, Ontario. It was such a welcome bonus to try whiskies I likely would not have otherwise managed to acquire.

Just like tasting groups are a terrific way to try more than you can personally buy, sharing samples is a wonderful way to discover whiskies too.

I’m looking forward to tasting these whiskies, remembering the kind souls who shared their tipple or two!

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