“I don’t collect stamps” – Raiding a whisky collection

A friend in Winnipeg quite aptly quipped “I don’t collect stamps!”

Nope… that he does not indeed.

Instead, he has a rather eclectic whisky collection gathered from jaunts around the world with his partner… from the dead of a Winnipeg winter to adventurous travels all around Asia… invariably a bottle or two winds its way back to the prairies to join the collection.

Winnipeg Whisky Collection

Winnipeg Whisky Collection

Naturally I shamelessly raided the whisky cabinet and also a couple from other sources too.

Here’s what I managed to ‘score’ from my recent trip to Winnipeg:

Winnipeg Whisky Stash

Winnipeg Whisky Stash

Some may recall last year’s Canadian samples score from my aunt and uncle who run a whisky club in Fort Frances, Ontario. It was such a welcome bonus to try whiskies I likely would not have otherwise managed to acquire.

Just like tasting groups are a terrific way to try more than you can personally buy, sharing samples is a wonderful way to discover whiskies too.

I’m looking forward to tasting these whiskies, remembering the kind souls who shared their tipple or two!

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