Celebrating 30+ European whiskies!

In the grand scheme of things, trying 30 whiskies is no big deal.

But when you live in India and those happen to be European whiskies… it is an accomplishment!

Let’s face it, exploring the world of whiskies behind a crazy custom’s “curtain” that restricts access not just bringing into India but state by state… means relying on individuals making an effort to source directly from far-flung lands rather than simply strolling over to a corner liquor store.

Hence it is indeed a celebration – with thanks – to share a summary of European samples! Now… just providing a list alone isn’t fun.. so with each, I’ve shared a fleeting impression so you can see what might peak your interest to read more…

European Whiskies  

Many of the Nordic whiskies came compliments of 

The Europe page is continuously updated as we explore more whiskies, so feel free to check back anytime to read of more!

PS – Anyone spot the ‘malted spirit’ rather than proper whisky??

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating 30+ European whiskies!

  1. That’s a fantastic list, Carissa! Personally, I loved the Hammerhead when I drank it at a friend’s place. Though I have to admit that the adventurous story to this whisky might have influenced my perception at least a tiny bit. 😉 Other than that, I also had the Puni Alba from your list (which really impressed me) and various Armoriks, Mackmyras and Boxs. I’ve also been reading a lot of good things about Stauning but have yet to try their spirits myself. All in all, Europe’s really doing mighty fine at the moment whiskywise. Glen Els is another distillery from over here (located in the Harz Mountains in Germany) that I am a big fan of!

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    • Delighted you’ve also been exploring European whiskies! To be fair, we tried the Hammerhead with Nikka from the Barrel & Mortlach. But the Puni Alba? It is indeed impressive! Will need to keep an eye out for Glen Els – not tried anything from that distillery yet. Thanks for the recommendation!

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