The Nector of the Daily Drams with Mario

It isn’t so often one has an opportunity to sample a dram or two with the person responsible for bringing it to your glass…

So what is The Nector of the Daily Drams?

It is the name of a range of whiskies bottled by The Nectar (Belgian whisky importer and distributor). They’ve been around since 2006 and are  primarily focused on the BeNeLux market. However, you can find them in other markets – specifically in Singapore – through La Maison du Whisky.

And who was with us in Singapore?

Mario Groteklaes, Marketing & Sales Director who also is primarily responsible for cask selection of their Daily Drams whisky series.

Now I must share, Mario thought my taking a few scribbled notes while tasting nonsense – quite clearly drams are to be enjoyed not dissected and detailed.

My companion and I selected two different whiskies each – sharing a few sips with each other. Then chose another two… again sharing – a most civilized approach!

Here is what we had at La Maison du Whisky before Whisky Live:

  • Ben Nevis 21 year (19967/2017) 48.7% – Not my tipple but a good example of a Ben Nevis style
  • Highland Park 24 year (1992/2016) 50% – Delightfully well-balanced and exactly why once upon a time this was a preferred distillery
  • Springbank 23 year (1994/2017) 50.6% – What one would more aptly associate with the Longrow brand – peaty and pleasurable!
  • The Anniversary Dram XO 45.4% – A rather successful effort to reconstruct an ‘old style’ Macallan

I then followed this quartet with the tiniest taste at the Whisky Live VIP room:

  • Deanston 19 year (1999/2018) 51% – Fruit, spice and rather nice!

Read on over the coming days to know more about what we discovered…

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