The Nector of the Daily Drams – The Anniversary Dram XO 45.4%

Sometime in 2006, The Nector started to also do special bottling of whiskies they just so happened to like. And for their anniversary, they decided to try their hands at blending too…

Mario shared their goal with this vatted malt was to achieve the style of an old Macallan – not the modern avatar.

Did we think they succeeded?

The Anniversary Dram XO 45.4%

  • Nose – Classic sherry, everything you would expect from an old style sherry which is more subtle, nuanced, rich and satisfying without being overpowering, think caramel custard, fruits, hint of cinnamon
  • Palate – Unbelievably good, incredibly well balanced, luscious dark fruits and berries, dash of spice, complex and completely coated the palate
  • Finish – Gorgeous… really lovely, long and one to savour… fruity… and was that a very light peat chaser?

This was one of those whiskies that got better and better the more you sip.

As for whether it succeeded in mirroring an old style Macallan?  From our humble perspective, absolutely! And even if not, it was a brilliantly good whisky.

And compared with the other whiskies we tried that evening, actually affordable. It was last seen on Master of Malt for a mere £70.79.

Here are a few other bottles sampled from The Nector of the Daily Drams with Mario:

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