TBWC 10th Anniversary – The cheeky Clynelish 25 year

At Paris Whisky Live 2022, Atom Brands VIP section had a trio of very special whiskies bottled in celebration of their 10th anniversary! Starting with the remarkable 45-year-old Blended Grain, I next moved on to this cheeky Clynelish!

Clynelish 25 year (2022) Batch #11 47.1% (TBWC 10th Anniversary)

  • Nose – Such a treat in the glass! Orchard fruits, waxy with light salted caramel. Yum!
  • Palate – Light, lovely and softly tropical, with some cheeky tang and more of that waxy element, some salt topping up the sweet
  • Finish – Fruity finish

My immediate reaction on the 1st sniff was “I’m in love!” Fully appreciating this style is right up my preferred whisky style. Summery, classic and nuanced, it was pure delight. Something worthy and special for a celebration.

What more do we know? Here is what the fab folks over at TBwC have to say:

Come on now, it’s our 10th birthday, let’s pull out all the stops! Here is a treat we’ve been nurturing in our warehouses for years, a birthday celebration-worthy 25 yo Clynelish (Cline-leash)

Clear worts and long ferments start the process, while distillation involves maximising copper conversation creating an irreplaceable spirit character for the blender. As a result, the majority of Clynelish production is used for blends, mainly Johnnie Walker Gold Label but also as a backbone in the wider range of JW as well as Buchanan’s

As for the official tasting notes? Here you go:

  • Nose –  Waxy plasticine notes immediately! Green apples and butterscotch. Salty coastal notes follow, with hints of pineapple too.
  • Palate – Exceptional! Waxy pineapples and tangerines, in brine. Tart apples and a hint of walnut oil. Very classy!

Remarkably, it is still available… if you just happen to have GBP 380 lying around for 500ml.

Their brilliant cheeky “That Boutique-y Whisky Company” 10th Anniversary special drams also included:

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