Whisky Live Singapore – Bruichladdich

Popping by the Bruichladdich booth at Whisky Live Singapore was a distinct highlight.

One of the Masterclass sessions I hoped to join was Richard Gillam’s “Bruichladdich Presents Truth and Lies in Whisky.” Alas it was sold out. Fortunately their whisky booth was well stocked!

After the extraordinary Prince Charles & Lady Di Wedding Bruichladdich from the Collector’s Room, it was time to go back to the basics… and beyond…

My notes with brief impressions of the different whiskies were scant, the memory of the booth was not!

Manned by a merry bunch, the passion and enthusiasm of the team was completely infectious!  It was a popular spot, sparking conversations amongst samplers… the ability to do a peat progress from none to “Holy toledo Batman” ppm was a hit!

So too was a ‘tip’ from Murray Campbell, Bruichladdich’s Brand Ambassador for Asia… understanding the warmer climes of our region, he suggests cooling your mouth with a ‘shot’ of ice water before enjoying your dram.


Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie 50%  – Ahh…. Lip smacking lightly floral, fruity, clean and honey sweet


Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley 50% – Bacon – that wonderful sweet peat element that comes through with a few whiskies – yum!


Then a pair of mighty Octomore 5 years:

  • Edition 07.1 PPM 208 59.5% – Syrupy, no doubt this is peat on steroids yet somehow manages to remain not only a drinkable dram, a most enjoyable one too!
  • Edition 07.3 PPM 169 (2010) 63% – Sweet & fab, amazing what balance between peat and sweet can be achieved!

Later, I had an opportunity to sample Bruichladdich‘s Black Arts 4.1 49.2% and a sneak peak into their Black Arts 5.1 % which is now out… Exceptional both!

What a wonderful treat and terrific way to finish a quick nip through some Bruichladdich whiskies.

Other Bruichladdich‘s sampled til date include:

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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