Kreuzritter Elixirium Digestivum 30%

With all my recent travels with two jaunts in two months to Europe for work, it isn’t a surprise that I managed to get a little distracted in Munich by a speciality liquor store and a much more affordable section in a supermarket with its rather civilized wine bar too.

And while Germany does make whisky, that isn’t really its forte. Instead Germany is known for its beer, wine, schnapps, kirsch and herbal liqueurs, known broadly as Kräuterliköre.

The most well-known is Jägermeister followed by Underberg and Kuemmerling.

Enter Kreuzritter Elixirium Digestivum… From a company formed in 2004 in Mühlen, Vechta a doctor, a nutritionist and a spirits expert with an idea to create unusual recipes for a premium herbal liqueurs and aquavitae market.

And while this blog remained firmly devoted to whisky tasting adventures, it isn’t a bad thing to get side-tracked every once and a while… so I found myself picking up a mini to try.

However warning – no elaborate tasting notes were made… just a few observations while giving over to a post meal sipping experience….

Kreuzritter 30%

I had anticipated it to be more bitter like the lip puckering yet fabulous Underberg, however the Kruezritter Elixirium Digestivum was much sweeter, less cloves and more herbal. It was also much lighter than expected, went down easily and was overall quite tasty though a tad too sweet for my palate preference… However I particularly enjoyed it on ice and looked down at my empty glass to realize it was gone too soon!

Here is what the folks responsible for Kreuzritter have to say:

KREUZRITTER is a fine and tasty digestive. His secret is rooted in 11 secret herbs which are responsible for the pleasent and light-spicy taste and smell. In addition, the KREUZRITTER contains 47 other extracts that are well known in herbalism. But the decisive factor is not only the sheer number of extracts contained, but also their selection and arrangement. The 58 extracts unite themselve in the KREUZRITTER with 30 % vol. Alcohol and a pleasant sweetness to a savory Elixir of the highest quality. The ingredients are selected from the best sources and are aranged together with a lot of passion and knowledge.

Hmm… even they don’t provide much specifics on the the actual tasting experience either!

PS Kreuzritter means ‘crusader’ in Germany with some disturbing crackpots using variations of the word as twitter handles…. just makes one sigh…

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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